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16 February 2017 (Submissions to Parliament in NZ)

Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Russell Fitts and Mick Kain appeared before a Select Committee at Parliament in Wellington  assisted
by John Mennega via video link on Thursday 16th February Submission PDF

Overall Air Future Ltd and Air Volution Ltd supported the Billís intentions.

In our oral submissions we commented that rather than the demarcation of certain lanes to enable additional classes of vehicles to be preferential users within a roadway we supported the implementation of an L7E category ( as a preferred means to assist the introduction of low emission and emission free vehicles as a preference to the marking of and enforcement of road lanes.

Given that the MDI engine is an example of energy innovation and emerging energy technologies with the ability for it to scale from small vehicles (i.e. the AirPod) to busses, trucks and industrial engines, we submitted that we would not want compressed air engines excluded from participating in exemptions provided to electric vehicles through any lack of awareness of the significant capabilities of compressed air as an energy source.

To assist the committee we provided the decree of the French Ministry of the Environment and Energy regulation issued on 11th January 2017 as a good example of describing in an inclusive manner low emission vehicles.



These technologies await the participation of visionary investors who will smooth progress to a sustainable future.