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Russell Fitts, J.P., Chairman of Air Future Ltd. Russell has a multidisciplinary background with specialisation in Management and Property Valuation. He has spent a major part of his career farming in New Zealand, during which time he was thoroughly involved in many aspects of the rural community including a private valuation practice and executive responsibilities within the Regional Federated Farmers.

Russell has an in depth understanding and appreciation of the numerous "tools" required to develop social and business opportunities within rural and urban communities.

He has recently completed 4 years employment with the New Zealand Earthquake Commission specialising in complex claims.
He is an Associate Member of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers and a Senior Member of the Property Institute of New Zealand. He holds a Prince2 Foundation Certificate in project management methodology.

Russell is the key personnel in contact with MDI sa and has a very good professional relationship with Annic and Cyril Negre, the directors of MDI. This close working relationship is important for Air Future Ltd. Russell is a foundation shareholder of Air Future Ltd and has been Chairman of the Company since its inception. Russell plays a key role in ensuring sound corporate governance and a strong corporate culture.

Michael (Mick) Kain, Director of Air Future Ltd.  Mick is an foundation shareholder and director of Air Future Ltd and a founding director of Air Volution Ltd.

Previously Mick had an extensive career as a farmer and an investor and director in orchards and industrial property. During his time with Air Future Ltd Mick has been responsible for shareholder relations as well as participating as a director and has proven his commitment to the success of the venture.

He is committed to seeing the MDI compressed air vehicles be implemented for Australia and New Zealand through Air Volution Ltd and sees these technologies as a yet to be discovered answer to future transport requirements.

Mick has a good understanding of the potential of the MDI business model and how it will transform the making and selling of vehicles in the Air Volution license area.

Dan Hilgendorf non-executive Director. Dan is both a founding shareholder and a non-executive director of Air Future Ltd from inception. Dan has been a farmer throughout his business career.

He considers the abilities of the MDI technologies to provide independence and resilience to local communities as an important aspect of his own philosophy and his long term support of the MDI and Air Future businesses.

Peter Macaulay non-executive Director.  Peter is both a founding shareholder of Air Future Ltd and a non-executive director. Peter has been a farmer throughout his business career.

Through his intensive farming operation Peter has appreciated from an early stage the importance of a diverse investment portfolio. He places high importance on sustainable environmental practices coupled with a strong understanding of the importance of a regular energy supply and affordable transport.

Peter is committed to implement the opportunities of the MDI technologies and sees key advantages in the abilities of the MDI technologies to provide new and multiple business streams that are in line with his own business and personal values.

Phillip Foubister,    Dan Hilgendof,    Russell Fitts,    Paul Gurr,    Mick Kain,    Peter Macaulay

Part of the Air Future Development Team at AGM


Member of the Development Team

Russell Fitts

Air Future Chairman

Christchurch, NZ


Mick Kain

Air Future Director

Christchurch, NZ


John Mennega

Air Volution CEO



Paul Gurr

Air Volution COO


Cyril Nègre

President MDI


Annic Nègre
wife late Guy Nègre

Executive Director MDI


Francis (Pancho) DeNeefe,

Air Volution Director


Phillip Foubister

Business Manager

Christchurch, NZ

Margaret Copplestone

Website and Publication

Christchurch, NZ

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